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Christian Lingua is committed to providing you with high-quality Christian translation services.

We understand how important it is to listen carefully to your needs. Only by doing so can we ensure that our Christian translation service is tailor-made to fulfill your translation requirements.

As a trusted language translation provider, we at Christian Lingua believe it is vital to forge strong partnerships with all of our clients, from the individual to the international Christian organization. We offer a wide range of translation services, including:

Christian Book Translation

Over the past few years, Christian Lingua has specialized in translating different kinds of Christian books. We have assisted many authors with the translation of their projects into different languages. Your Christian book is the result of the Holy Spirit’s guidance and your hard work. With Christian Lingua’s book translation services, you can translate your Christian book…

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Christian Video Subtitles / Overdubbing

Overdubbing is the art of providing voices for the characters in Christian videos. An individual who performs voice-only roles is commonly known as a voice actor/actress, or as a voice artist. Christian Lingua is your source for premium, multilingual voice talent. We provide outstanding Christian voice talent from all over the world. We take your…

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Christian Audio Translation

If you have been promoting your audio files only in English or your native languages, perhaps it’s time to re-think! If you want your sermon to have a broader impact worldwide, it needs to cut across linguistic barriers. Whether you need to translate audio sermons, worship songs, or any other Christian audio file, we have…

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Christian Website Translation

Visitors who cannot access your information in their local language often choose not to interact with your website at all. Sometimes, they decide to use Google Translate or similar free services. The resulting translation provides a poor user experience at best, and inaccurate information at worst. Does your ministry reach out to different people groups?

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Gospel Tract Translation

The goal of a gospel tract is to get the gospel of Jesus Christ into peoples’ hands in an easy-to-understand format. Any Christian can overcome the fear of sharing their faith by using gospel tracts because these resources deliver a clear biblical message in a non-aggressive way. Christians all through the ages have shared…

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Christian Article Translation

The translation of technical Christian articles and theological documents is best left to Christian language experts. Poor Christian translation can lead to a damaged reputation, misunderstanding, or even worse. A professional Christian translator must possess not only a very good command of both languages but also an in-depth understanding of theology, sensitive biblical subject matter, and terminology…

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Christian Learning Materials Translation

Because education is power and e-learning is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to deliver training, more and more ministries are embracing this methodology to educate Bible students, pastors, leaders, and many others. One of the main advantages of this methodology is that it can work well regardless of the location of the students and…

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Christian Sermon Translations

Your sermons can be great resources of encouragement and edification for fellow believers all around the world. At Christian Lingua we accurately translate your sermons into dozens of languages. We seek the advice of our cultural advisors to adequately communicate your standpoints to the respective people groups.

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And more…

Need to translate Christian children’s books, brochures, evangelism materials, devotionals or any other Christian materials? Christian Lingua can provide translation services for any kind of media whether it be audio, video or written materials. From a one-page translation to a multi-volume book, you can always rely on Christian Lingua to handle your Christian translation projects professionally.

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