Into how Many Languages the Bible has not Been Translated?

Into how Many Languages the Bible has not Been Translated?

The Bible is the most translated book in the world. This is not only impressive but proves the longevity of God’s Word. The Scripture is continually translated not only to continue the spread of the Gospel but because it is the Living Word that is still applicable today, just as it was in when penned through the inspiration of God. The Bible has been translated into numerous languages from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek versions. As of late 2019, 698 full translations have occurred. In addition, the New Testament has been translated into additional 1,548 languages. Beyond this, portions of the Bible or stories have been translated into additional 1,138 languages.

While this is wonderful and has provided numerous people with access to at least part of the Bible, there are still over 5,000 languages that do not have a full copy of the Bible. As of 2020, there are over 6,500 languages spoken around the world. If less than 1,000 have full copies of the Bible then there is a great number that does not. Part of the Great Commission is to spread the Gospel to all corners of the earth which mean the Word still has a great deal of translation to be completed. For some, a copy of the entire Bible may not be available for many years as lengthy book translations take a great deal of time, but as they wait, translation of Bible-related texts can offer hope and share parts of the Gospel.

Therefore Christian translation services are of vital importance. For the most part, translation of any texts begins with languages that are most widely spoken. This makes sense from a profit standpoint. Authors who wish to share books to make a profit will need to open up new markets in which books can be purchased. This requires a professional translation service. When having Christian books translated, it is always best to go with a Christian translation company. This is not just for the quality of translation, but so the meaning behind the written words can be accurately shared. The idea that an incorrect message, based on the Gospel, would be spread should frighten Christian writers. For this reason, a Christian translator is the best option.

For ministries that just wish to spread the Gospel for free, hiring a Christian translation company to translate tracts and stories not only provides accurate translation as far as terminology and cultural relevancy but of the Gospel message. This can allow the Gospel to reach people that have limited or no access to the message of God in their own language. Many may think that having the Gospel message in your own language, and well written, does not matter, but it serves great importance. Anyone who has read a poorly translated website or document can attest to the fact that improper translation detracts from the message presented. If considering having a book, message, song, or tract translated to share freely, try a language that has limited access to make a real difference to those who need the Gospel.

If you are searching for a translator for the Gospel in some format, search out online reviews for Christian translators. It is best to go with a company over a freelancer because professional translators are trained, native or fluent speakers who live in or originate in the culture of the language. This is important because cultural differences can affect phrasing, photos, and even writing style. While your message will not be altered, the presentation may need rearranging in order to be accepted in the target language. Even photos may need to be replaced to attract readers through recognition.

It may be decades before the Bible is available in full, in every language in the world. Until that time, we need to make sure the Gospel message is still shared in some format. This may mean translating your website with verses or spoken messages into different languages over time or simply sharing multilingual tracts around the world. The time, money, and effort spent on such a task will be rewarded as God is shared around the world.

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