5 Reasons You Should Self-Publish Your Christian Book

5 Reasons You Should Self-Publish Your Christian Book

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest debates among Christian authors is whether to go with traditional publishing or self publishing. After weighing pros and cons, Christian Lingua Translation Agency has come to the conclusion that self-publishing would probably work best for new Christian authors. So we have decided to share the insight with you. 

1- Receive Higher Royalties
We found out in our research that self-publishers usually receive higher royalties. The reason is that the author can regulate the price. Traditional publishers decide on the price themselves and so the authors usually receive less money at the end.

2- Control Editorial Process
When self-publishing, you are able to assign your own editor to the project and provide guidelines for him. Many publishers work with their own editors. We have witnessed nasty debates between publisher’s editors and Christian authors.

3- Set Your Own Standards
How should cover design or layout of your book look like? Self-publishing your book allows you to have your say in issues. Traditional publishers usually work with their own designers with a set of their personal preferences.

4- Market Your Book Your Way
This is probably one of the most important reasons why you should go with self-publishing. You are in full control of marketing your book. You may place it on Amazon.com, Amazon.de or Amazon.co.uk. You can even create a website and sell your book directly. Traditional publishers usually have limitations on how your book should be marketed. They have their own preferences that may or may not work for your particular book. Christian Lingua ran to such a case about a year ago. We translated a Christian novel from German into English for an Austrian author. The author went with the traditional publishing. His publisher placed his book on Amazon.de, but didn’t allow marketing it through other resources like Amazon.com. You can imagine that the sale didn’t go very well.

5- Deal with Fewer Headaches
In general, if you are a new Christian author looking to establish your presence, self-publishing offers fewer headaches. When dealing with traditional publishers, many authors encounter difficult situations such as unnecessary editorial corrections, design/layout changes, marketing problems, etc.

In the end, it is really up to you to decide how to publish your book. There are no magic formulas that work for all Christian authors. So consider all the pros and cons, make up your mind and go for it!

Author: Christian Lingua

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