Self-Publish Your Book

Self-Publish Your Book

Writing a book is a huge accomplishment. It is likely that you have spent hours, days, months, and sometimes years pining over the right words, chapters, and information. Whether your book is fact or fiction, you have probably spent time writing, rewriting, and changing the small details that have played out in your mind again and again. Once you are finished, you have to decide what to do with all your hard work.

You can choose to search for a publisher which will take time. Finding a publisher, especially for a first book, can be extremely difficult. You may suffer repeated rejection. Some people may get lucky and find a publisher eventually, but the process can be overwhelming. The other option is to self-publish a book which can be less time consuming and get your book into the world much faster. If you do decide to self-publish there are a few tips that you need to take into consideration.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Even though you have spent hours with your book, there are still mistakes. Too often when we read something we write; common mistakes are missed because we know what should be written and overlook what it really says. Editors can be found online. Make sure you find someone professional who is going to do more than run spell check through your book. A big issue for self-published books is the lack of editing that makes it look unprofessional.

Cover Design

Self-publishing does not mean you can cut corners in the process. Nearly as important as editing, is the need for a professional cover design. This is the first thing people see when they walk past your book or are scrolling online. Make sure you have something that draws the attention, yet pertains to your actual book.

Always Sell

It may seem simple, but adding a few lines at the back of your book on how to purchase further books can make it simple for buyers to order multiple copies of your work.

Seek Help

There is no need to reinvent the self-publishing process. The information is readily available for those who care to look. Make sure you join self-publishing organizations, online or in person. You can ask questions and get suggestions from people who have walked the road you are just starting. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest can offer ideas, tips, and suggestions to help you take the necessary steps.

Make Yourself Known

Writing a book is hard work, but promoting the book is just as hard. Start promoting the book even before its release by creating a Facebook page, a blog, LinkedIn, company name and even website or a combination of the options. This gets your name and the book title into the general public. This can also help you reach out to local bookstores to set up readings or promotions.

Find a Seller/Distributor

Now the most important part, find a company to work with to help you both promote and publish your book. Amazon allows for self-publishing within their guidelines, but other groups likes Independent Publishers Group or even Baker & Taylor can be helpful after the book sales truly get started. Additionally, create a Kindle version through Amazon and start working toward endorsements for your book.

Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun with your new book. The writing is the hardest part, but the self-promotion and publishing can be fun. There are few things as exciting as seeing your book in print the first time, your name on the cover. Never be afraid to take that step.

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