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Selections from our Christian Translation Portfolio
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The Promise Principle: A New Way to Encounter the Bible

Phillip Hunter
This book presents simple but profoundly effective techniques that help believers overcome worries and fears, false ideas, and overwhelming circumstances and achieve a dynamic God-saturated life based on the eternal principles of God’s Word. The author directs his readers’ attention to the Bible and teaches them how to discover the truth of God's promises for themselves. He asserts that Christians can trust every commandment and every truth written in the Bible.
3 Languages

The Beauty of Spiritual Language

Jack Hayford
All pastors preach. Few of them write. An even smaller percentage of those who write books can address the controversial subject of spiritual gifts with such clarity, balance and depth as Pastor Jack Hayford. He brings his excellent preaching skills to writing, and he does so with humility and care for his readers. His pastoral heart for his readers is clearly sensed on the pages of the book. Examples from personal life paired with a deep and balanced biblical study of spiritual gifts, seasoned with historical data and insights, make this volume a must-read resource for any follower of Christ who wants to live according to the full teaching of the Bible and experience the fullness of blessings prepared by our loving God for his children.
3 Languages

Foundations of Healthy Church Government

Tom Lane
A church of any size needs a church government. The type of leadership model adopted by a church from the beginning determines how the church grows, how it goes through trials and what impact the church makes on the local community. A church benefits when its government model is biblical, relational and healthy. Pastor Tom Lane’s writing springs from over four decades of pastoral leadership experience. Pastors and leaders who want to assess their leadership team and church governance and improve how their church performs will benefit from this book. The author’s practical wisdom will also be helpful to churches going through a leadership crisis.
3 Languages

Ten Steps Toward Christ

Jimmy Evans
For new Christians as well as for mature believers, walking toward Christ is the ultimate task any day of the week. Not walking away from Him, but walking toward Him in order to see Him face to face, as child and parent, as bride and groom, as friend and friend, as believer and Lord. Yes, but how? Ten Steps Toward Christ explains it in simple and practical ways. Each chapter of the book talks about one aspect of the Christian life that can be called steps. Conversion, water baptism and communion, the key role of the Holy Spirit, fellowship with other believers, Bible reading and prayer, learning God’s will, stewardship of God-owned resources, dealing with our past, and renewing our mind.
4 Languages

ID Identity Reveals Destiny

Allan Kelsey and Brad Stahl
This is the book for every believer who is serious about understanding God’s mission for his or her life. However, do not expect to get it by simply reading this book. This is a workbook, not for light reading on your flight. Be ready to study it and occupy yourself with the thoughts and exercises contained on its pages. In fact, you will have plenty of self-reflective exercises. If you never took study seriously, this is a good time to change your mind because studying this book is totally worth the time and effort. So grab a pen, highlighter and a notepad and enter into a defining period of your life when you can find God’s mission for your life. This book will help you understand who you are now and what role your past plays in who you are today.
4 Languages

I Changed My Mind

Jimmy Evans
The Christian life begins with repentance, which in Christian tradition means changing one’s mind. A similar process – embracing our new identity in Christ, embracing his teaching and putting off old ways of thinking – marks steps that follow conversion. Pastor Jimmy Evans leads his readers along the path of sanctification in the area of thinking. He focuses on five major areas of mental activity related to attitude, success and failure, worry and anxiety, insecurity, and, last but not least, fear. He addresses each area by exposing wrong mindsets, which new Christians may still be holding, and he provides practical teaching based on God’s Word on how to put it off and put on new biblically based thinking in each area.
2 Languages

The Blessed Life

Robert Morris
The blessed life is available to God’s children in any culture and generation. However, God – not the modern culture of selfish ambitions, greed and consumerism – defines such life. To follow modern definitions of a blessed life would be to walk a misleading path. Instead, in order to live such a blessed life, followers of Christ must learn its principles from the Bible and faithfully practice them on a daily basis. Robert Morris encountered God’s teaching on financial stewardship and obeyed it in his daily walk soon after coming to faith in Jesus.
2 Languages

E3 Leader Training

Eric Ball
Desiring others to come to know Jesus is honorable and scriptural. However, salvation isn’t the finish line, rather it is the starting line for a lifetime of Christ-like growth. Identifying these basic biblical principles that enable us to grow and mature in Christ is the focus of E3. The author remains convinced that we have a mandate from God. Every person must have the opportunity to hear and respond to God’s solution to the sin problem in their lives (Matthew 28:19-20). Therefore, we have committed our lives to spreading God’s precious message.

All That The Prophets Have Spoken

John R. Cross
All that the Prophets have Spoken takes a look at the Bible without reference to Islam or the Quran. With an awareness of what Muslims believe about key prophets, the book examines what the Scriptures say about these men and connects them with the core message of the Bible. Keeping in mind the Islamic perspective, it builds on this understanding and addresses questions Muslims might have by the end so that they will have a clear understanding of the God of the Bible. The author, John R. Cross, writes from knowledge gained in a life-long study of the Holy Scriptures. He has extensive experience traveling and living abroad.

W.E.A.P.O.N.S A Biblical Arsenal Of Truth For Men

Scott Caesar
This Scripture-drenched course is founded on 20 years of ministry to men by Men’s Pastor Scott Caesar and has a proven blueprint to revive a man’s soul, growing and maturing in biblical manhood. The comprehensive, step-by-step videos are designed to assist the teacher and his core leaders to minister more effectively to their men through a system of challenging but practical training to equip, engage and teach men. The format consists of masculine-themed teaching, combined with man-life parables, and interactive workshops with discussion/application times. It provides a sustainable system of accountable brotherhood that is built to last and a supported game plan of consistent Bible engagement for men.

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